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Inspire Students is a student-led organization that exists to create Inspirational Classrooms by providing school leaders and educators with the tools and professional development they need to inspire, engage, motivate and encourage students everyday. We firmly believe that Better Results are Inspired by Better Relationships.


Each day our creatively inspired student-led team helps school leaders and educators reach the goals they set out to accomplish by reinforcing the importance of Building Better Relationships by "Connecting First". We take great pride in engaging and empowering schools by providing easy-to-use tools that can be immediately implemented in the classroom to better engage with students.  Science and students agree that when teachers truly connect with their students, more engaged, motivated, inspired learning environments are created.


Our mission to create inspirational classrooms combines decades of passion and experience with pragmatism and real world student perspectives. As a student-led organization, we intimately understand the pressure and demands of today's classrooms and know how vital it is to keep students at the center of the improved outcome equations. No matter how much attention educators and school systems pay to rigor, standards or test results, it is almost impossible to improve academic achievement if students don't feel inspired, engaged, motivated and valued.  Students must have a connection to the learning environment in order to be successful.


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