At the heart of Inspire Students rest our Inspire Learning Labs which provide a design for ongoing, job-embedded, practice-based professional development on tools and techniques to build stronger relationships and connect with students.


Inspire Learning Labs present a structure for collective engagement in professional development through collaborative student-led labs. In Inspire Learning Labs, teacher teams engage in learning about and trying out activities to build relationships and connect with students. Collaborative enactment of practice and student feedback is central to the design of each lab.  Labs range from 30 minutes to 2 hours in duration.


Inspire Learning Labs provide a structure for supporting groups of educators to grow their craft in collaboration with one another inside of the school day. This job-embedded professional learning model has over 15 years of school and university based pedagogy.  Our labs provide useful tools that can be put into practice immediately, developing a focus on educator classroom goals alongside student learning goals, developing an Inspired culture.


The Inspire Learning Labs Model

Inspire Learning Labs take place at your school site.  In-service labs are usually conducted during non-student times such as summer or after school hours during the school year.  Teachers gather together in the lab to learn Inspirational techniques and try out the activities in their classrooms at some point during the school day. The purpose of Inspire Learning Labs is to learn together and develop shared, collaborative practices. In this spirit, all participants engage in the learning, planning, and enactment of the strategy. The lab is organized around the learning cycle:  Introduce, Prepare, Enact and Analyze.

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